International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC) in Seattle
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Thursday, 14 April 2011 14:44

David Leong - Belltown Martial ArtsEmerging sifus and masters congregate at Washington State Convention Center

Sifu David Leong (Belltown Martial Arts), along with Sifu Wong Tat Mau (Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy) and Sifu Nick Scrima, jointly hosted the first Emerald City ICMAC in Seattle over the weekend of April 2 at Washington State Convention Center. Over 200 competitors from as far away as Pennsylvania, neighboring states and Canada took part in the championship.

Sifu Leong’s (Belltown Martial Art) was invited to host the 2011 tournament after its impressive performances at the 2010 event held in San Francisco. Within short 2-month of team efforts from the students, the tournament was a success with enthusiastic support from Sifu from the US and Canada, and a special Finale Masters and Team Demonstration to end the event.

The competition includes Taichi, wushu and other traditional wushu handforms and weapons, Wing-Chun to reaction skills. The competitors’ age ranged from 6 to 45 years old.
Other recognized supportive Masters & Sifus were:  Katie Brown, Jeff Chow, Jill Doherty, Susan Farrar, Julio Ferrer, Bruce Fontaine, John Furda, Filipe Godoy, Joe Helme, Chon Jun Hong, John Jones, Keith Judelman, Victor Kim, Alexander Knight, Mike Lee, Carol Leong, Tianyuan Li, Greg Louie, Mei-hui Lu, Chang Wu Na, Eric Nielson, Timing Qian, Denny Rader, Paul Sheridan, Chris Strelau, Tim Stutzman, Sylvia Wong, Li-tian Yuan, Dodo Gao Ying, Zhu Bi-sheng.

ICMACAt the tournament, Belltown Martial Arts had 22 representatives competing in 27 different divisions which included Traditional Hung Gar weapon, hand forms, as well as Sparring. It is another successful year for the academy in receiving 12 gold medals, 12 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Sifu Leong's approach to kung fu is one of moral, integrity, respect and honor, to see his students represent these values is a testament to how well all his students train in his school as well as representing his school at more tournaments to come.

With this mission, Sifu Leong along with the ICMAC will host the 2012 tournament at the beginning of April.

Results highlight:

2011 Seattle Grand Champion Results

ICMACJuniors Boys Traditional
Morgan Yee: Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy - San Francisco, CA
Tat-Mau Wong

Teens Girls Traditional
Danica Seto: Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy- San Francisco, CA
Tat-Mau Wong

Men's Traditional Northern
Wes Letioa: Chinese Martial Arts - Federal Way, WA
Bi-Sheng Zhu

Men's Traditional Southern
Wes Letioa: Chinese Martial Arts - Federal Way, WA
Bi-Sheng Zhu

ICMACWomen's Traditional Southern
Colleen Su:Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy - San Francisco, CA
Tat-Mau Wong

Taiji – Advanced Men
Tom Seid: Chinese Martial Arts - Federal Way, WA
Bi-Sheng Zhu

2011 Most Supportive School Awards

International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy
directed by Master Chang Wu Na and Dr. Lu Mei-Hui

Other Schools that showed great support:

Western Chinese Martial Arts & Cultural Centre (Sylvia Wong)
Northwest Wushu (Tianyuan Li)
Belltown Martial Arts (David Leong)
Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy (Tat-Mau Wong)

Honorable Mentions:

Martial Arts & Sorts Fitness Club (Bin Sheng Xiao)
Seattle Wushu Center (Restita DeJesus)

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