Choose Bamboo Carefully to Avoid Spreaders
Thursday, 11 August 2011 13:46

Bamboo(Courtesy of AP) Gardeners often are bamboozled by bamboo, particularly the running kinds that are notorious spreaders.

Most of the clumping varieties can be contained, however, as they grow quickly into attractive specimen plants and screens. It is important to know the difference before you buy.

''Bamboo is really nice to look at, and it has a pleasant rustling sound in a breeze that reminds me of white noise,'' said Jeff Schalau, an agricultural and natural resources agent with University of Arizona Cooperative Extension at Prescott. ''It also is a great barrier plant if you want privacy or want to block something out.''

Have you started drinking yet?
Written by Jocelyn Chui   
Friday, 05 August 2011 14:58

International Beer DayIf you are one of those people who need to drink for an occasion, today, the International Beer Day (IBD), is the day that should give you the most legitimate reason for a beer.

First celebrated on Aug 5th, 2008, the goal of IBD is to bring the world together in celebration of beer. Twenty-three countries are celebrating IBD this year.

Summer Festival Guide - August
Written by Jocelyn Chui   
Thursday, 04 August 2011 13:55

Seattle Summer Festival GuideDon’t let the unpredictable sunshine stop our summer festivities. There are so many events happening in Seattle and it should not be a problem to find one happening around your corner. Remember to post pictures on our Facebook page to share your summer joy with us.

Seafair Fleet Week, Lake City Pioneer Days and Salmon Bake, Seattle Tattoo Expo, Les Miserables, A Taste of Edmonds, and more...

Growing Pride - Asian Zucchini Pancakes
Written by Meadow Linn   
Thursday, 04 August 2011 13:37
Growing Pride - Asian Zucchini PancakesMy best friend’s mom strolled into her kitchen, her cheeks smudged with soil and her mouth curved into a contagious grin. Delicately cradled in her sun-bronzed and freckled arms was one of the largest zucchinis I had ever seen. We eagerly scurried to her, our bare feet making tapping sounds on the stained, brown linoleum. Alice, my friend’s mother, had decided to take up gardening that summer. Tall, dark trees surrounded her yard, allowing in very little sunlight. But, Alice had somehow managed to get permission from the City of Seattle to commandeer a neglected a plot of public land. She was never short on energy or ideas and spent many long afternoons digging and hoeing until eventually she had made a vegetable garden in that abandoned bit of dirt. By midsummer, the plants were green and robust and putting out their first fruits. My friend and I cooed over her massive squash and agreed with her that it certainly was large enough to win a ribbon at a county fair, though secretly, even at that age, I knew that big didn’t mean better when it came to zucchini.
Asian Americans artists attract Seattle Fans
Written by Jocelyn Chui   
Thursday, 04 August 2011 12:14

ISA SeattleTwo hours before International Secret Agents (ISA) concert began on July 31st, a long queue has been formed outside Showbox in SODO. It was the first time ISA concert was launched in Seattle. Featuring David Choi, Cathy Nguyen, Far East Movements, Wong Fu Productions and other well-known Asian American musicians on YouTube, local young people were thrilled to see their favorite artists.

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