“Sex in Seattle” Dispels Asian Female Myths
Friday, 17 September 2010 15:02

Is it true that all Asian women like white men? Is it true that all Asian women possess a hidden libido? For some, the answer would be an obvious no; for others, “Sex in Seattle 18: An Everyday Kind of Love” might be able to shed light on questions like these.

Through comedy, writer Kathy Hsieh shows that Asian women are perhaps just as “normal” despite what’s often seen on the big screens. By “normal,” it means that they go through love (or lust) all the same in relationships, but each woman is unique as an individual. Most importantly, finding love is also finding what one can live with from day to day.

The 10-year running theater show continues with the lives of Jenna, Tess, Elizabeth, and Chloe, as they search for the one they wish to be with. Their lives are drama-filled, so packed with ups and downs the theater house was bursting at the seams in just little over an hour. Even though the show is thought-provoking and tackles some serious issues, the genuine and humorous script keeps the audience laughing through the entire show.

Although the show is now in its 10th year and 18th episode, any concerns about being new to the show are quickly dissolved right at the beginning as the summary of last show refreshes and fills in the juicy plot points, all presented with a great sense of humor. The show is surprisingly free of self-referencing material as well, so the show is equally enjoyable for loyal fans and the soon-to-be fans.

Sex in Seattle 18 runs at the Richard Hugo House every Friday and Saturday from September 10 through October 9. To find out more about the show, visit www.sis-productions.org or call 206-323-9443.


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