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我們不相信科技 科技公司對你我做出承諾,但我們怎麼知道自己沒有被出賣?
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 15:52


Thursday, 17 April 2014 14:29

有沒有可能連房子融化啦?奇蹟出現了,在波蘭就有棟「歪」樓(The Crooked House),不規則的建築形狀,搭配上夜晚柔美的燈光映照,就像是融化中的冰淇淋,看起來超級可口。

細菌與病毒的溫床 小心致病的九個角落
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 15:20


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Thursday, 17 April 2014 11:11

3月22日,美國華盛頓州歐索(Oso)小鎮發生嚴重的土石流,因災情重大,當地政府也因該地區全面搜救而封鎖災區,所有慈善救災團體須透過紅十字會統籌 。

特邀李如斯和劉錦燕兩位嘉賓傾力演出 李龍基心肝寶貝演唱會贏盡口碑
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 16:55

4月13日(星期日),他們分别在 Snoqualmie賭場演出兩場,首場下午4時,尾場晚上7時。李龍基重臨西城演唱,演出不負眾望,風采依然,節目扣人心弦。

印象順德 (一)
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  • Good or evil. Black or white. Most people want to believe the universe is absolute. But the truth is, grey area does exist, where humans do drift back and forth between good and evil.

  • Celebrate Asia 2014 (Photo: Ben Van Houten)Celebrate Asia celebrates another year of success, bringing together talented musicians across the Pacific Ocean to perform with the Seattle Symphony. The variety of music and the diversity of culture are what make every year’s Celebrate Asia appealing. While last year’s concert featured Indian and Japanese influences and musicians, this year’s focus was on the participation of Chinese and Vietnamese musicians.

  • Spring Egg Hunts
    Bunny Party

  • (Edited from press release) - Following a year-long discussion about safe and comfortable bicycling in Seattle, the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan Update (BMP) was passed by Full Council today with a vote of 9-0.

  • SEATTLE (AP) -- Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft are leading a campaign to undo new regulations adopted by the Seattle City Council.

  • North Korea's capital hosts international marathon
    Vietnam releases dissidents amid foreign pressure
    2 powerful earthquakes hit Solomon Islands
    Mexico pledges own anti-money laundering list

  • SLOVYANSK, Ukraine (AP) — Pro-Russian insurgents commandeered six Ukrainian armored vehicles along with their crews and hoisted Russian flags over them Wednesday, dampening the central government's hopes of re-establishing control over restive eastern Ukraine.

  • MOKPO, South Korea (AP) -- Koo Bon-hee could see the exit. For half an hour, as the doomed ferry filled with water and listed severely on its side, the crew told passengers to wait for rescuers.

  • CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- Sky-gazers in North and South America were treated to a full lunar eclipse - at least those fortunate enough to have clear skies.

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